A totally different, new and revolutionary system that anticipates the future of desalination needs, improving the quality of people’s lives by making water accessible anywhere in the world.


In our process we are able to produce up to 98% pure water with the highest quality and the lowest ppm achieved to date.


Our process uses the lowest of energy requirements without transporting brine back to the sea – almost a 1:1 conversion is achieved, without emissions to the atmosphere.

About Mora Water Systems

What we do best

Mora Water Systems is currently the most environmentally friendly desalination technology available. Our equipment has the lowest energy requirements. No brine goes back to the ocean and highest seawater to drinking water conversion available. All with no chemicals, no filters, no membranes. We are passionate about using our sustainable innovations to desalinate seawater without harming the marine life.

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Our by-products

With our processes, we recuperate and recycle waste as raw materials, achieving a 0% throwaway. We use the recycled raw materials as by-products of the desalination process. Of the resulting high quality salts and minerals and our liquid sea salt, can be used for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries. Another example of recovered waste material is phosphates that we are able to separate through decantation and dehydration processes.

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Aid Project Engagements

Water Project Bali

There are 35 villages in Bali where it doesn’t rain enough. Our aim is to offer humanitarian aid to the local Bali community by funding two water tanks in 2014 and two in 2015 to harvest rainwater. Read more here

The Water Tank Project

An initiative of the ‘Word Above the Street’, this project is a non-profit effort. It is the first public art project of its kind and involves painting the water tanks adorning the building rooftops across New York’s skyline to create awareness through social intervention. Read more here

Why Aid Projects?

Mora Water Systems are proud to be involved with global aid projects and have partnered with the following programs to help raise awareness of the issues faced by those who lack drinkable water. The undertakings span the world from Bali to Manhattan, and this is just the beginning in a wave of initiatives to bring drinkable water to the world at large.