Water Scarcity

There are several people in every part of the world who doesn’t have access to water. Some have access to water but it not stable of use. The Earth’s surface is covered with about 70% of water and just about 3% of this water is fresh enough for human consumption. In agreement to WWF, about over one billion people around the world lacks access to water, over 2.5 billion experience water scarcity for at least a month in a year.

Clean water for consumption is scarce and there millions of people all over the world that spend their entire day looking for it. Up till now, some people still have access to this clean water and they are misusing it while some are taking it for granted.

Water crises, water shortage, water stress or water deficit are involved in water scarcity. The situation in which water natural resources are unable to meet the demand of a particular area is refer to as physical water scarcity and water scarcity that results from poor management of water is term economic water scarcity.


Causes of Water Scarcity

  • Water Pollution: Pollution of water is a big problem in the society especially in the areas where good sewage system is not available. Pollution can be caused from chemicals, fecal matters, and even as a result of oil spillage. No matter the causes of the pollution, it makes water unusable for people who may want to use it.
  • Misuse/Overuse of Water: Water misuse/overuse is a problem that a lot of people are trying to solve. Water maybe overuse on land, people, and many other things. It may be used on several other things without any caution of the effects it may have on the society.
  • Drought: Drought is a period of dry weather when a particle society is not getting sufficient rainfall that can sustain the life of that society. Drought occurs all over the world and there is just a little thing that can be done to prevent it from occurring.


Effects of Water Scarcity

  • Insufficient Water for Consumption: People lack access to drinkable water when there is water scarcity as a result of not been able to get fresh and clean water. And when this problem is experienced for long time, human body can results in other problems, which will be discussed below.
  • Diseases: When clean water is not available for consumption, then disease may be contacted from the water available at that particular period of time. Whether the water is drank or used for bathing, those diseases will find a way of entering the body system.
  • Hunger: If water is not available, there will be no water for crops, for animal consumption, which can later cause poor growth of crops and death of animals which can eventually lead to starvation in that area.
  •  Poor Sanitation: Without getting access to clean water, there will be no access to proper sanitation like body cleaning (bathing), dish cleaning and even clean food.


Solutions to Water Scarcity

  • Water Recycling: Water recycling is one of the best method to prevent water scarcity, there numerous technologies that can be used to recycle water and thereby preventing water scarcity and saving some money for other things as well.
  • Proper Sewage System: Without proper sewage system, the water in a society becomes exposed to diseases and several other types of problems. By proper sewage system, water scarcity can be prevented from becoming worse.
  • Education: People can get educated on how to deal with water scarcity and prevent this problem from getting worse.