Stockholm Industry Water Award´s (SIWA) jury states:

“eThekwini has championed the approach to provide sufficient water to sustain human life, as expressed in the South African constitution, now embedded in national policy. The methods used and results achieved by eThekwini Water and Sanitation serve as a sterling example for the many communities worldwide facing similar challenges.”

From 1996 the South African constitution has been praised as a model for inclusion of social rights, defending the human right to water. The local government was tasked with putting this into practice.

eThekwini Water & Sanitation, serving the Durban metropolitan area in South Africa, has developed the most progressive utilities in the world. There open approach to experimenting and piloting new solutions across both technical and social aspects of service delivery, has connected in the past 14 years, 1.3 million additional people to piped water and 700,000 people have been provided with access to toilets. Respecting with these solutions the constitutional right to water while maintaining financial sustainability. The access to basic water supply and sanitation is provided at no cost to poor families, while higher levels of service and consumption are charged at full cost. This video explains the projects and its impact on the community.

The man in charge of providing water and sewerage services to roughly three million people in Durban, is Neil Macleod, a plainspoken, unpretentious civil engineer of 50. In this video Macleod is being interview about the award, the work they do and the different approach they have in solving the regions water issues.

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