Antonio Sánchez Moya, CSO of Mora Water System Industries, S.A., received the Gold Star for Professional Excellence.

On November 27th of 2015, the CSO and member of the board of Mora Industries Water System, S.A., received the Gold Star award from the Institute of Professional Excellence, in honour of his professional ability to innovate and promote good economic and social development.

The Institute has created the “Gold Star” prize that rewards the hard work, effort and professionalism of the individuals and companies that got nominated, in order to encourage, promote, qualify and certify the nominees for their continuous growth and development. The present award positions Mora Industries Water System, S.A. right in the centre of the industry, granting it with the highest guarantees, legitimacy and recognition.

Antonio Sanchez Moya, with the help of his extensive professional and vocational experience in the field of research and investment in new technologies that improve the quality of human life, keeps fighting on a daily basis to give our society the access to basic human needs such as water.