In 2001 Nicasio Mora was interviewed by Gustavo Catalán Deus, through this interview we now have the pleasure to share the beginnings of Mora Water Systems, beginnings that marked the way and evolution of this amazing technology.

In the original article that was published in Spanish, Nicasio Mora shares the thoughts and concerns that made him father this invention.

The environment has always bothered me. I could not accept the idea of pouring out water with copper, sulfuric acid or chromium. So I’ve managed to create these wastewater treatment plants.
—Nicasio Mora

Nicasio Mora is a mechanical engineer graduated from the Kensington University of California. The family owned galvanizing factory produced a toxic wastewater that sparked Nicasio Mora to start his investigations in water purification, transforming with his invention the environmental impact and the economical outcome of the family business.

This restless professional created a water recycling system that manages to recover the raw material on the one hand, and delivers crystalline water on the other, and in addition at low price. He managed trough his research to make the family industry effluent zero.

Gustavo Catalán Deus writes; It is an extraordinary view to see a transparent tube enters with water and sulfuric acid from a galvanizing baths, and passing through the machine, delivering pure water on the other side, water that Nicasio Mora doesn’t hesitate a second to drink, from another exit the machine delivers sulfuric acid that Mr. Mora poured onto cement causing the material to start boiling.

The machine makes the liquid-waste steam at only 26 degrees Celsius. This is accomplished with a combination of thermal functions and other simultaneous mechanical processes that Mora does not disclose. The steam then passes on to a residual divider that separates everything with a higher density than the vapor molecule.
The vapor passes again through a steam cleaner, which is able to separate the water vapor molecule from all its impurities, even though they have the same density. Finally it passes to the evaporation tower where the water now below 0.005 parts per million of the original residue, becomes liquid again. The purified water is now close to absolute zero. The system does not carry any kind of filters, so maintenance is almost null.

Industries Mora (the early name of the company Mora Water Systems) barely needs to replace its raw material since the water purification plant started to treat the wastewater. Acid zinc, chromium, degreasers, nickel, pyrophosphates and other raw materials used in the metal treatment industries are all recuperated from the water cleaning process and used again within the same company. This allows me to have the best market prices, Mora comments.

The costs of recycling wastewater are balanced out by the recovery and reuse of the raw material and water, leading to a zero discharge facility. Even those who do not believe in the environment can now proudly show its respect and save money at the same time, Nicasio Mora comments.

The possible applications of this technology are endless. It can be used for any wastewater containing any of the components of the periodical table. It can separate the urban wastewater, making it possible to reusing the water and producing fertilizers and methane that drive turbines. It is also able to desalinate seawater with almost total absence of salinity and conductivity of 1.4 to 5.5 microsiemens. It can be used in all sorts of facilities from the industry to navigation; for cleaning cooling water in thermal or nuclear power plants, hotels; to desalinate sea water for agriculture or human consumption. These machines can produce from 200 liters per hour up to 10,000 liters. Connected in series its capacity is unlimited.

The technology that Nicasio Mora proudly presets in this article from 2001 is the third generation of machines in his quest for clean, affordable and environmentally friendly water. This year we at Mora Water Systems are proud to present the 7th generation of Mora´s water purification machines. Today we work with a smaller more silent unit that is monitored and controlled by our own algorithms, leaving the water production facility nearly maintenance free. The use of fully enclosed machinery that runs almost silently creates not just a safer, but quieter place for our employees to work, while increasing the lifespan of the equipment.

Mora Water Systems environmental concern is printed in the DNA of the company, from the moment of its creation environmental conservation has always and continues to the driving force of this amazing technology.