This video from the late 90’s is one of these wonderful moments that only old archives can bring. Not only is it amazing to see that the original vision of our founder was and still is the main building block of Mora Water Systems, but it is also gratifying to confirm that we continue to work together as a team side by side to see Nicasio Mora’s original idea turn in to a reality, not only within our company but in the world. Water is a basic need for all life to exist and to learn how to treasure it, us it and re use, is the key to assure life for all generations to come.

Watching the video it hits us, this is the most honest straightforward message of environmental advocacy and technological innovation that we as a company can share. Even today the technologies and values of Mora Water Systems follow the same simple but groundbreaking principals. Mora Water Systems equipment runs for longer with lower energy consumption, zero emissions and no impact on our environment.

Enjoy the video!