Right now in New York City there is a spectacular public art exhibition conceived by filmmaker Mary Jordan. The Water Tank Project is organised by Word Above the Street, a nonprofit founded by Mary herself. The exhibition is transforming water tanks on rooftops across New York City into artworks, in order to promote awareness concerning global water issues.

Mora Water Systems is proud to be part of this initiative.
To know more: https://morawatersystems.com/water-aid

Jordan, says in a interview with Marie Claire:
“Never listen to naysayers,” she tells me. “When people said ‘no,’ that it couldn’t be done, and you actually know it can be done”—she raises a hand and moves it left to right, as though brushing aside an obstacle—”you just go, ‘OK, you’re not a dreamer.’”
Source: http://www.marieclaire.com

To know more about Jordan´s journey form being a passionate filmmaker to become the founder of this amazing project, take a look at here participation in TEDxTallinn: https://www.youtube.com/watch