The domestic use of water includes cooking, drinking, bathing and washing. In this age, this only amounts to a fraction of daily water use. There are  other needs and purposes which our waters serve us. For instance, there is a volume of water required to convey a vessel or a large ship. We conclude that the oceans and seas are there, forgetting that those in reservoirs, dams, tanks and cisterns and possible shipment to other planets constitute a part of the volume of water on the planet earth. Little did we know that even life can be taken to Sahara desert if the substantial and adequate amount of water will be transported to that wasteland from the “abundance” of oceans and seas. Thanks to the nature for order and dexterity for a system of getting everything back in its right place.

The industrial sector consists of the part of the environment which transforms resources into consumables and values that satisfy the consumer. Like the household, the Industrial sector consumes a significant amount (volume) of water daily. Depending on the purpose, a mixture of sand, cement and water usually contain 20 to 33.33 percent. The requirement may be more when dealing with aggregates or plastering coat and quite lesser when the mixture is for molding concrete blocks. However, concrete blocks need water to become strong, after the molding. In the molding of pillars, slabs, etc. that involves aggregates, water determines strength and smoothness. Bricklaying on site, requires water a lot and even more, when the project is not mechanized. Mixtures lose moisture to the dry ground under it and also to the atmosphere through evaporation. The realm of Building and Construction will not undermine the relevance of water to its operation. 

In the Chemical Industry, water is used for purification as most purifying agents are either water or a solution containing water. It is used to catalyze some chemical reactions and also to monitor rate of reaction in others. In certain operations, coolants are very important such as in the internal combustion in the engines of automobiles. Industrial engines and machines depend on water bath. Water baths are now being designed to not only cool the engines but also receive the water again and re-reduce its temperature. 

Industrial products such as paints dyes are made from water. Water acts as solvents in some and help to dilute others. In Foods and Drugs production, water is an important ingredient. Syrup and tonics consist of retia of valuable compounds but bounded together by water. 

There is no apparent scintilla reason for any competing demand to affect the availability of drinking water, considering the 7 billion plus persons living who will drink water daily except that the former boasts of higher reward in terms of currencies. Capitalists needn’t purify water before they’re taken to construction sites and most other factories which need them in such large quantity. For instance, with the addition of nutrients like Vitamins and minerals to a sterile solution of water and Sodium Chloride, the same volume of liquid commands higher value in the market.

Producers of drinking water should also improvise and invest in seeking and inducing values that capture values. Something can still be done, I believe, that makes sure a consumer gets another kind of value besides his quenched thirst.