In 2003 Daniel Elber traveled to Bali for a personal sabbatical year. In Ubud, central Bali he noticed young women and their children begging for money.

This random encounter motivated Daniel to find out why they where forced to live this life. In order to fully understand the situation he followed them into their villages and there the answer was revealed quickly. The families did not have a choice but to send women and children to the city as beggars do to the lack of water in the village. The absence of water – for drinking, cooking, meeting sanitation needs or planting basic food, left the village without other solutions to generate income.

The absence of water leads to malnourishment and major health problems. This reality weakens the 5’500 people that life in the Muntigunung community, and generates a vicious cycle, one that does not allow the young generation to get education and hope for a better future.

This reality changed Daniels life completely; he now wanted to help transform this situation for good. After long discussions with the villagers, government representatives and specialists from various fields, Verein Zukunft für Kinder was established in 2004.Verein Zukunft für Kinder started working actively in various fields such as building rainwater collectors to secure a clean and sustainable water supply, as well as together with Yayasan Dian Desa build the Muntigunung Development and Livelihood Programs to help create employment opportunities and economic prospects in the region.

Mora Water Systems is proud to actively form part of this initiative.

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Currently these villages have 25l of water per person per day, Verein Zukunft für Kinder has been able to help 17 of the 26 towns to access a sustainable water supply. Mora Water Systems contribution during this year will raise the total number of towns with access to a secure water supply to 19. In 2015 Mora Water Systems will finance another two water collectors.

The water collected contributes directly to change the life of those affected. The time and effort saved for not having to search and carry water several hours a day means that children are free to go to school and that adults are able to invest their time in generating income.

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