Many healthy living tips and parameters are being prescribed all around the globe. It appears, however, that many of these have emphasized certain practices, downplaying what comes into our body – water, especially. Living organisms depend on water than they acknowledge. The survival of plants and animals – also the sustainability of the environment – hangs around the availability and quality of water. The human anatomy reveals that we consist mainly of water, specifically above two-thirds in one form or the other. In the body of every man, water is useful for digestion, circulation, excretion and every other functional relevance. Our thirst are quite easily satiated in humid and wet condition than during the dry and dehydrating condition imposed by warm weather or harmattan.

Nutritionists list water as a class of food. It follows that a meal or diet remains inadequate or imbalance until water is included. It does not only quench the thirst that comes from burden imposed by chewing and swallowing but aids digestion. The digestion of carbohydrate starts from the mouth with the action of enzymes from the saliva. Food mixes with the water we drink to form a solution which different chemicals secreted by the body can easily act upon. It also rids the alimentary canal of leftovers and bits of food capable of upsetting the stomach. It also serve the component of food which soothes the muscles of the stomach walls. 

Daily, our kidneys filter a substantial volume of water, most of which is taken back into the blood stream. This filtered water performs vital function when mixed with blood. It carries in it nutrients needed by target destination. It also helps in the regulation of the body temperature. Drinking water reduces body temperature than bathing does. The rest of the water ejects waste chemical ad substance that the body no longer needs in form of urine and sweat (or perspiration). 

Water also serve as a lubricant for organs in the body. It helps maintain the level of fluid in the eyes and those of other organs that need to remain moist. It protects the wearing of bones in the joints and regulates heat level during exercise.

Water also serves a natural therapy against almost every sickness. Drinking warm water, first in the morning, has been found to be very effective in the treatment of certain medical conditions. The duration of therapy, however, depends on the nature or the kind of sickness. For instance, it has been proven that such a practice can reduce the blood sugar level in twelve (12) days. All is required is drink warm water the moment you wake up, and do not eat anything for the next one hour.

Our body should also be treated to the nicest bathing. It works alone to reduce surface temperature on hot afternoons and also rids the body of germs, when used with soap. A good bath prevents most skin infection and skin diseases. It also protects the scalp from fungal and bacterial build-up. Attention should be placed on the kind we drink as much as those we use for other purpose like bathing and cooking. The quality of a food depends largely on the kind of water with which it is cooked. Boiling can only kill germs (certain, but substantial certain), it cannot break down the structure of certain impurities. It would be a strange form of hypocrisy to watch what we drink and not what we cook and bathe with. Water, truly, is the liquid of life.