The Best Water to Drink for your Health

Staying hydrated is highly beneficial to several aspects of your health. The benefits of drinking enough water are many and varied, helping you maintain a healthy weight, improve your moods and brain function, and so much more.  While these benefits are well-established, not all types of water have them. Here is a guide to the major types […]

Spent coffee seeds as an adsorbent for the removal of heavy metals

Heavy metals are elements that have a density ranging between 3.5 g/cm3 to above 7 g/cm3. These heavy metals have a long half-life and they are non-biodegradable. Membrane filtration, chemical precipitation, adsorption, electro-coagulation, chelation, inverse osmosis and ion exchange are some of the methods to remove heavy metals from raw water. However, the preferred methodology for the removal of […]

NEWater Singapore – a success story

In the previous blog we took a closer look at an environmentally friendly solution to provide drinking water; purified sewage water. Even though, toilet to tap water has economic and environmental benefits it is a long way from being accepted by the general public. The “yuck” feeling we get when confronted with the idea of drinking our […]

Reclaimed water – from toilet-to-tap

Around half of the clean water that our cities consume goes down the drain and into our sewage treatment plants. Here the wastewater from domestic use, agricultural and industrial processes is treated and cleaned, removing solids and impurities. This treated sewage water is called Reclaimed Water or Recycled Water. The conventional sewage treatment plants are […]

Methods of Desalination

In modern times, the ability to utilize the salt water from our oceans has been around since the 1950’s, but until now it has also had a number of negative impacts on the environment. Mora Water Systems have spent three decades addressing the problems caused by traditional desalination methods, resulting in breakthrough technology that simply […]