The Best Water to Drink for your Health

Staying hydrated is highly beneficial to several aspects of your health. The benefits of drinking enough water are many and varied, helping you maintain a healthy weight, improve your moods and brain function, and so much more.  While these benefits are well-established, not all types of water have them. Here is a guide to the major types […]

Why do we Treat Water?

When you hear the phrase “water treatment,” what comes to mind is probably processes through which water is purified to remove harmful substances and make it fit for drinking. Although drinking water purification is a significant example of water treatment, the process is far broader than this alone. Water is used for a wide range of purposes, […]

How Much Water Should I Drink Daily?

It is established by scientific research that whenever the body (through its nervous system) send the signal of thirst through the brain to the throat, the body is really dehydrated and needs water. It follows that a consistent pattern of habitual drinking of water should be cultivated. The human body weight consists about 60-70 percent […]

How safe can a bottle water be?

Plastics, polythenes and glasses consist of chains of hydrocarbons, and some other resources from the family of Petroleum tightly joined together, never letting go. Their chemical property and relative availability and cheapness make them suitable choice as containers and packages. Sachets, bottles, carboys and jars are designed to hold drinking water to meet the demand […]

Health Risks and Benefits of Bottled Water

Bottled water has become the major method of consuming water today. It is one of the most purchased beverage and it is estimated that each person consumes up to twenty-six gallons of bottled water in one year. It is purchased majorly because of its handiness and portability. It gives access to water anytime, anywhere. But […]

Conserving water for regular supply

Water is perhaps the most important element to preserve organism life which makes the conservation of water essential for all organisms. Living organisms need water for daily consumption and development so that they can survive. Conserving water is very important because it makes water clean and available for regular supply. According to, about 97% […]