In previous articles we have taken a closer look at two fundamental issues; the agricultural sector´s need to adapt to water scares future and the importance of ocean conservation efforts to ensure a sustainable future for all of us.

With the fast growing number of the world population, adding more pressure to our already stressed planet, now more than ever all the actions taken to protect and preserve our natural resources are needed to safeguard all life on this planet. That is why we at Mora Water Systems jump of joy every time we come across individuals that dedicated their time and effort to investigate and present new and sustainable ideas that takes us all one step closer in the ultimate goal; to be able to feed the world in an ecological and economical sustainable way.

Nemo´s Garden; an attempt to grow crops underwater, is the type of initiatives that we hope to see more of.

Inside an air-filled biospheres 6-9 meters below the sea surface just outside the town of Noli, northern Italy, a scuba diving company’s owner Sergio Gamberini and his son Luca have created an underwater garden.
The land in the region of Liguria in Northern Italy is known to be especially poor for farming. The crowded populations, rocky terrain, steep hills that often give way to landslides and periodic floods have made all agricultural activities a difficult task that often resort to the use of energy-inefficient terrace farming.

Surrounded by this terrain this scuba diving family has challenge our ideas of possible agricultural solutions with this bizarre twist. As mad as this solution may sound, there are many good reasons to further investigate this underwater farm idea. A few feet below the surface, plenty of sunlight still filters in, the temperature is kept at a stable 25° C by the surrounding water and underwater the crops are out of the reach of parasites and insects, this eliminate the need to use pesticides. The evaporating seawater condenses on the inner walls of the biosphere, creating a high-humidity environment (up to 85 percent) that favors crop growth. All in all, according to its creators, this system is sustainable and requires very little energy.

This revolutionary underwater garden project started in 2012 and continued for two more summers. The basil growing either in hydroponics or in soil was harvested within 50 days and sent to be analyzed and tested, according to the company there has been no significant difference compared to more conventional growing methods, except that the underwater harvest is a bit stronger in flavor.

This agricultural experiment is continuing to move forward thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and amazing work from Nemo´s Garden Team in creating great informative and interactive platforms where they use all the available tools to share and engage the public in their underwater experiment.

Nemo’s Garden Official Kickstarter Video is a good and different as their underwater garden initiative‬:

‬To learn more about this project visit:

This initiative could prove to be a low-cost, low-energy solution to grow food in parts of the world where this was not previously possible. We at Mora Water Systems long to see the final products of this amazing new approach to ecological farming.