To continue with the innovative spirit of our last blog we invite you to see this interesting video about the dangerous evolution of aqua-culture and learn about Steve Page’s search for possible solutions to make the fish industry a sustainable as well as a profitable food source.

According to this video the fish market made a huge change around 1970 when it switched from consuming mostly wild fish to the reality we have today, were around 50 % of all the sea food we eat comes from aquaculture, so called fish farms. This drastic change using public ecological resources to generate private gain has brought a high ecological price tag, one that the general public is paying for.

Fish farms are now the fastest growing food systems in the planet, growing an estimated 7 to 10 % each year, these are scary numbers considering the ecological impact this industry has today. Steve Page the founder of Ocean Farm Technologies knows that innovation and new technologies are necessary to allow this market to grow without destroying the surrounding ecological systems that all life depends on.

Steve’s solution to make fish farming sustainable and help restore the oceans is to move these aqua ponds off shore into deep water. He designed a structure made from recycled polyethylene (the most common of plastics used in packaging) with fiberglass reinforcement. These open ocean fish farms helps create balance, allowing this fast growing market to do so sustainably, feeding our increasing world population without overstressing the oceans ecological balance, at the same time that it allows the natural wild fish to recover from the devastating result of overfishing.

To learn more about this important project join their Facebook and take a moment to see this video made by BloombergBusiness.