Practicing Effective Irrigation on Farmlands

Water is an important determinant in the growth of plants or crops. The phenomenon which explains the conversion of water and carbon dioxide into food using the light energy from sun is Photosynthesis. Irrigation, a bail-out from erratic or little rainfall, is an artificial or man-made system of water application to farmland to meet crops […]

Water Treatment: Technology Innovation

Food and shelter are great essentials for living and as good as they are, you may still survive for quite a good period of time but that’s not the case with water. That’s why in the previous events and historical times, civilizations have always thrived in areas of abundant water supply. However, water is needed […]

New Year Resolution

For the beginning of the year we found this article that gives 8 personal resolutions to keep our oceans clean. The Surfrider Foundation have compiled a list of 8 resolutions that are simple and can be implemented in your every day actions that have a impact in protecting our beaches and ocean. If we all […]