Water and Health

Many healthy living tips and parameters are being prescribed all around the globe. It appears, however, that many of these have emphasized certain practices, downplaying what comes into our body – water, especially. Living organisms depend on water than they acknowledge. The survival of plants and animals – also the sustainability of the environment – […]

How safe can a bottle water be?

Plastics, polythenes and glasses consist of chains of hydrocarbons, and some other resources from the family of Petroleum tightly joined together, never letting go. Their chemical property and relative availability and cheapness make them suitable choice as containers and packages. Sachets, bottles, carboys and jars are designed to hold drinking water to meet the demand […]

Africa and Water Borne Diseases: Any Way Out?

Although we associate certain diseases with undeveloped nations, the truth is that none can be totally immune to water borne diseases. With no country as an exception, four-fifths of diseases on African soil are water borne and has led to the death of many. In 2009, the number of death from diarrhea is two (2) […]

Access to Drinking Water Around the World

Drinking water has been a scarce commodity over the years and there has been a lot of speculation as to who has access to it and how much it costs. Record shows that close to three billion people gained access to a better source of drinking water since 1990. But as at 2015, close to […]

Health Risks and Benefits of Bottled Water

Bottled water has become the major method of consuming water today. It is one of the most purchased beverage and it is estimated that each person consumes up to twenty-six gallons of bottled water in one year. It is purchased majorly because of its handiness and portability. It gives access to water anytime, anywhere. But […]