Conserving water for regular supply

Water is perhaps the most important element to preserve organism life which makes the conservation of water essential for all organisms. Living organisms need water for daily consumption and development so that they can survive. Conserving water is very important because it makes water clean and available for regular supply. According to, about 97% […]

Think before you drink

The environmental cost of bottled water Due to an increasing rise of pollution around the world, 1.2 billion people don’t have access to clean water. Arguably, they are in need of fresh, bottled water. Yet the target audience of bottled water is not these deprived countries so much, but more the rich, convenience-orientated population of […]

Water and Agriculture Products

Food which is the most important aspect of human life cannot be produced without water. Water is needed for any agriculture related activities, including fishing, farming, crop and animal production to mention a few. It has been proven that approximately about 70% of the world fresh water is used for agricultural purpose. River and other […]

Wise words about water

Many are the wise and influential men and women that have tried to describe the value of water. From the beginning of our history until today humans have known that water is essential for all life and throughout history water has also carried an important holistic meaning that has invited many to reflect upon life […]