Access to Drinking Water Around the World

Drinking water has been a scarce commodity over the years and there has been a lot of speculation as to who has access to it and how much it costs. Record shows that close to three billion people gained access to a better source of drinking water since 1990. But as at 2015, close to […]

Health Risks and Benefits of Bottled Water

Bottled water has become the major method of consuming water today. It is one of the most purchased beverage and it is estimated that each person consumes up to twenty-six gallons of bottled water in one year. It is purchased majorly because of its handiness and portability. It gives access to water anytime, anywhere. But […]

4 Ways to Improve Corporate Water Targets

The corporate world of water has always been in need to curb the risks related to the water business such as water scarcity, flood, drought and other related water risks. It was recorded in the water report of the CDP in 2016 that $14 billion was lost by 607 water companies due to the risks […]

Effects of Climate Change on Water Supply

Water is very usual for human activities, it is a well-known fact that one of the most important uses of water is for drinking and cooking. We need water to cook most of the food that we consume and we need water to digest the food that we eat. Apart from this, water is useful […]

Adsorbent that can remove water contaminants

Water is one of the most important gifts of nature to humanity. It is useful for a variety of activities from washing to drinking and industrial purposes. It is trite knowledge that water is the most used of all natural resources. Because of the importance of water, when challenges concerning water arises, it calls for […]

Water Crisis in Africa Myth or Reality

Africa is facing a lot of problems and water scarcity is one of them. Water scarcity is the major cause of the water crisis in Africa, as it is no myth that it is one of the world’s biggest problems and is affecting over 1 billion people globally. This statistics show that one in every […]